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LA RÜ’s history

The small brewery in the middle of the woods

Travelling across the Bosco del Fagarè street you will leave the city center of Cornuda and you will immerse yourself in the luxuriant vegetation of a wood rich of centuries-old trees, where a fresh and humid climate purifies the air. In this quietness was born the small brewery “Bosco Fagarè” which, using selected ingredients, herbs and wood fragrances, creates the craft beer LA RÜ, 100% natural. The innovation, research and respect for nature produces our artisanal beers. You have to try it.

Storic pictures Bosco del Fagarè
Storic pictures of LA RÜ reek - Ru bianco

A place, an idea, history of LA RÜ

…a story that comes alive from an ancient torrent…

The brand LA RÜ is the synonym of the Italian artisanal beer of the brewery “Bosco Fagarè”, that takes the name from a torrent: the Ru Bianco that was crossing Cornuda city (location of the brewery) from north to south cutting the city in half. Ru Bianco, in Veneto’s dialect is “Giaròn”, was a strong torrent, now is a quite water rivulet that flows in the pure and silent wood of Fagarè. The torrent is immersed in a natural environment where you can breath pure and fresh air.